Young Women's Leadership Program

Our Young Women's Leadership Program aims to build feminist leadership by giving new age technology skills to young women, helping them understand their rights and then demand them.

The program is divided into three formal levels

Level 1: The girls learn basic computer and Internet skills to break the fear of technology while developing their confidence and skills to use technology for their benefit. They understand their rights, learn to connect with others, access information and develop the skills to negotiate with their family for their rights.

Level 2: Here the girls learn to use tech skills to run a collective action in their own community. So far our girls have used new-media tools - films, radio shows and photo stories, with songs, slogans and community action to influence community members to think about life issues from the girls’ perspective. In 2013 the Level 2 girls from Delhi started a campaign called #ApnaHaq (Our Right), in which they spoke to their community members how not having access to a safe toilet impacted the girls. In 2015, the girls started a new campaign, #TodoBandishen, to engage in a dialogue with their families, community members and outside on early and forced marriage.

Level 3: Girls take a leap to become leaders with their own communities and the women’s movement by learning the skills and developing the capacity to work professionally for change. We identify and support emerging girl leaders by giving them paid internships at FAT, a host of formal and informal learning opportunities and constant mentoring. Three have gone on to become FAT’s core team members and six are interns with us. From 2017, the course has evolved to an 18-month program where the girls study full time for 6 months and are then placed in a non-profit for an year.

More than 281 young women have completed the Young Women's Leadership Program and 435 are currently enrolled in Delhi and other parts of the country.

Through their own example, these young leaders raise awareness about early and forced marriages, other forms of violence and discrimination which they experience in their communities and inspire their peers to take control of their lives.

The YWLP started on a hot afternoon on 2nd July 2010 as the Tech Centre. After constant improvements, we have renamed the program as the Young Women's Leadership Program in 2015 and made a formal curriculum.