As an organization committed to building young women's leadership and creating space for emerging leaders, FAT has created many oppotunities for participants of our programs to take their leadership to the next level by working on the ground to implement projects/campaigns for social change.

In the level 2 of FAT's Young Women's Leadership Program (YWLP), the participants run a collective campaign against an issue that they all face in their daily lives. After completing a year at FAT, they develop an understanding about the various structural and societal issues prevalent around them and start talking about bringing real change in the scenario. FAT's role is to provide them the skills, training, and understanding of the issue and provide them with the tools to take the campaign forward. 

In the level 3 of our YWLP, few girls get a chance to implement their own projects for social change within their community. Our role is to provide them the mentorship and training needed to implement their project.

We also host special projects run by Young Women Leaders who need fiscal and mentoring support.