“Todo Bandishen” is the final product of an eight-month long workshop with 31 young girls who live in the “bastis” around Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. The theme “Early and Forced Marriage” was chosen by the girls in the second level of FAT’s Young Women’s Leadership Program as a common issue that they face in their lives. The participants made a collaborative film on the issue and used it for awareness building in their communities. Todo Bandishen revolves around the story of five young girls; each of whom have faced and fought against EFM in their own way. The five ways we chose to depict the issues of EFM were showing the effect on their Education, Health, Livelihood, ability to fight against Violence, and Choice. The film ends with each of the girls collectively walking into the light; symbolizing the fact that only their victory will lead society from darkness into light.