Fundraise for Jugaad Lab


We want you to be our face for the campaign. We want you to take this campaign out to the social media masses and your network and beyond and help us reach our fund raising target. You can spread the word about this campaign through your network, and we at FAT will also be promoting you as one of the faces of campaign. 

To begin, we request you to pick up as many of the smaller asks as mentioned here to promote through your network. You can create a specific page for you on the crowd sourced fund raising platform Ketto, which will talk about why you believe that FAT is making a difference and why you believe in the cause. It will also mention the funding target you wish to achieve. You can then take the page and share it through emails, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and any other virtual space you wish. 

You can also promote our campaign page on Global Giving and Milaap to help us reach our year end campaign target.