The Little Innovators

FAT has been working with 20 little innovators for a year now. These little innovators are girls of 10 to 15 years, coming from the neighbouring low- income colonies. 

They are all part of the Jugaad (Innovation) Lab an out of the box and inspiring initiative at FAT. Here at the lab they learn about concepts of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), mostly those that are part of their syllabus. Here they they learn how to make, break, create, and innovate.

“Jugaad” roughly translates to “frugal innovation.” The girls are taught STEM concepts through project-based learning using what they have around them. The first step is to remove the fear of STEM or the assumption that STEM is not for women. For this, the girls constantly work with hands-on projects where they let go off their fear of STEM and embrace it willingly. We also help them develop a basic understanding of structural and social issues.  

With our efforts, the Lab has become a safe and lively place where these girls learn while having fun. The financial cost of running the Lab is tremendous, and we require assistance in its functioning and maintenance. The amount spent on each girl per week is Rs.2000/- ( 30 USD). You can donate this small sum and make a difference in the lives of the girls here.

Donate through our fundraising page on Ketto, Global Giving, Milaap or donate directly to FAT

You can be a part of our Jugaad Lab and encourage these girls to become young women in STEM.