Uma is a girl with a lot of ideas and she determined to make all her dreams come true. Watch her girl power story in her own words.

Renu’s story is of a fearless girl who took her life into her own hands. Her story of overcoming prejudice and discrimination is one that millions of women face all over the world.

Haseen wants to work to protect the people around her and towards this end she is working to become a police officer someday.

This is Durga's Girl Power Story, where she talks about her daily struggles against early and forced marriage and how she has to negotiate for control over her life.

Jyoti is a hardworking dedicated young girl who is currently working as an admin intern at FAT. She is also a member of the campaign to fight against early and forced marriage.

This is Rekha's story. At the age of 18 she came to FAT as a student in the Tech Center (Young Women's Leadership Program). Three years later she is now a full-time trainee at FAT, and a teacher, guide and mentor for the girls in the first level of the program.

Deepika's story is one almost everyone can relate to. From a shy girl, too afraid to step out of the house, to a leader in her community, her journey has been a difficult and amazing one.

Lalita is an intern in the Jugaad Lab project at FAT. She is a bright, young girl who wants to do an MBA and get a job in marketing someday.

Kanchan's story is a story of bravery and strength where .

Ruksana (name changed) is a kind, intelligent young woman leader at FAT who dreams of becoming a lawyer so she can help other girls like her.

Priya (name changed) is a brilliant girl who scored the highest marks in her community and received a scholarship to go to college, but she was under constant pressure from her family to get married as soon as possible. This is the story of how she negotiated with her family to delay her marriage.