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Jugaad (Innovation) Lab is an out of the box and inspiring initiative of Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT), which creates a much-needed space for girls from disadvantaged communities to kindle their interest in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. This space more popularly called ‘the lab’ by the girls is a place which sparks their imagination and aids their intellectual growth and development; a place where they can tinker, build, break and rebuild stuff to learn through hands on work and experimentation, all the while also learning STEM concepts.

The impact:

After ten months of attending the Jugaad Lab, there is a visible change in the girls. They now understand science and math concepts and love making new projects. Initially, the team had to push them to learn new things, now they come up with their own ideas to make things. They started with basic projects like photo frames and origami and now are building their own lamps, electric table fans, electric bells, DC motors, and many more. The Lab has become a place where they feel free to think, create, make, break and have fun as they learn. The girls enjoy the classes so much, they don't want to go back home.

About the fundraising campaign – MakeIT2BreakIT

Weaving a story of change by making stuff using STEM approaches and through that breaking gender stereotypes. We want all girls to be able to anything they want. This campaign is an effort to raise funds to sustain the Jugaad Lab

The team of FAT has developed a space called Jugaad Lab for Girls in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. It is space that is built to hold classes of the lab. Now we need to raise funds to sustain and continue Jugaad Lab for Girls in Delhi and maintain the infrastructure of this safe space for girls.

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