The Jugaad (Innovation) Lab For Girls


Our Jugaad Lab is a space where girls come to explore the world of electronics and everyday science by working with tools, assembling circuits, doing science experiments, making or breaking stuff to understand what makes it tick and above all, by making mistakes fearlessly.


Who comes to the Lab?
We have 33 girls aged between 10 to 15 who come to our lab regularly to learn in a fun and interactive environment while also working on hands-on projects. We have activities within the lab, take the girls for exposure visits to museums, factories etc, organise meetings with women role models and create enthusiasm by showcasing the girls work in front of their family members and community.


What the Lab does?
We try to make knowledge about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects accessible and attractive for the girls by using fun, alternative tools and models. By using tools and building things, the girls get a confidence in their ability and a sense of satisfaction.


Why the Lab?

In 2013, FAT conducted a study of schools to understand why girls from deprived families were not taking up STEM subjects in secondary education. This study showed that besides economic reasons, gender discrimination and unchallenged gender notions were the primary reasons behind girls not getting into STEM education. To counter these challenges, we conceived of the Jugaad Lab to educate and help young women to break the cycle.


Where are we today?

Our Lab has been running for over two years as a safe, educative space to create the change we want to see in our community and larger society. In spite of challenges of funds, girls dropping out, non-acceptance by community members as girls were becoming confident, mobile and independent, we have been striving ahead. We welcome anyone who is willing to work with the girls on a hands-on STEM project.


How you can help

We welcome volunteers to bring in new ideas of STEM projects

Donations of working technology items like phones, computers, tool sets, will also help.