Sponsor Classes

Donate to raise funds to support 20 girls attend classes at the Jugaad Lab

Jugaad (Innovation) Lab is an out of the box and inspiring initiative of Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT), which creates a much-needed space for girls from disadvantaged communities to kindle their interest in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. This space more popularly called ‘the lab’ for girls is a place which sparks their imagination and aids their intellectual growth and development; a place where they can tinker, build, break and rebuild stuff to learn through hands on work and experimentation, all the while also learning STEM concepts.

Classes here are typically for two to three hours where the girls follow a lesson plan, that also corresponds with their school syllabus.Apart from learning new concepts of STEM, new projects are initiated and completed. Apart from this informal sessions on school work, issues at home, etc., are also discussed.

The Lab uses tools like videos, projects, books, worksheets, games, activities and model-making to build their understanding around STEM subjects. Exposure visits to different makers-spaces, museums, exhibitions, science fairs etc. in Delhi are also organised so that girls can understand science application as well use the equipment in professional labs to get over their fears and inhibitions.

Donate - Rs. 25000/- (375USD) for a week of classes, Rs.100000/- (1500 USD) for month of classes through our Ketto page