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Through the eyes of a board member

I had heard about the organization Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT) over the years and had been intrigued by its mission of increasing women’s access to technology. I had heard of the workshops they had conducted for women’s organizations introducing them to technology, developing websites and using computers. I found it fascinating. By Renuka Motihar

Continuing the journey to fight early marriage

The everyday pressure to marry early is something every adolescent girl can relate to. As soon as the girls reach puberty, they are constantly reminded that it is the beginning of a life full of marital responsibilities. The recent batch of the girls from the Tech Center has collectively decided to stop this social menace in their own independent way. By Risha Samanta

Getting out of the comfort zone

I liked working with technology, but engineering was cast as too unimaginative a space for me to look for an alternative context that I would actually enjoy working with. With little knowledge of feminist science studies and the gendered nature of use, access and creation of technology I decided to apply for FAT. By Palashi Vaghela

The agonizing pressure

For many of us, marriage is simply a matter of karmic destiny.  As we enter our teens, we start hearing talks about our eventual marital fate, when we should still be exploring ourselves and our individualities. Many enter matrimony without even knowing what it entails. By Manisha Massey

First few days in FAT

In life, a person experiences several firsts. Whether it is the first time you are riding a bike, a first kiss, or a first car. People are constantly exposed to new experiences. My most recent first time endeavor has been that of working in a feminist organization called Feminist Approach to Technology. By Lokesh Chawla

The beginning of an incredible journey

When I hear their stories of everyday struggle—getting up at 4 am, cooking for the entire family, struggle to go to schools and managing to just pass—and yet having the fire in them to become independent and confident souls, I feel extremely proud to be a part of an organization that is working relentlessly in building young, feminist leaders. By Faiza Mehar

Women and technology: Do they really go together?

“So, where are you interning?”

“This organization called Feminist Approach to Technology. I think it is simply brilliant! It believes that women should get a voice in the society by getting access to technological means. So that’s what they do! They introduce these young history makers, who do not necessarily have access to basic technology, to computers, photography and film making. I think this is such a fun way for girls to learn about themselves as women in India!”

A blog post by Manisha Massey, an intern at FAT

Analyzing social structures in different cities - विभिन्न शहरों के सामाजिक संरचना का विश्लेषण

There has been a significant change in my life in the last three and a half years. Though I have been fighting against socially repressive structures since a young age, I understood their true meaning and the correct terms only after joining FAT. I began my journey here in Delhi at the Tech Center and today, I am so proud to be taking all my learning and the model to a different space. By Asha Tiwari

Stories that the camera tells - कैमरा की कही कहानी

I was quite excited about today’s workshop. I knew the topic of today’s session but I did not know how exactly it would shape to be as everyone has a different style of teaching and explaining things. I was happy beforehand because the workshop was on a topic that I am interested in and is close to my heart and I was curious to know more about it. Today’s workshop was on documentary filmmaking and how to use a camera’s lens to tell stories in different ways

नेतृत्व का पहला अनुभव - The first experience of taking the lead

I have been engaged in working on my fellowship at FAT that combines my learning here and my passion and interest in theatre. I am working on using street play as a medium to illustrate gender discrimination in our society and how feminism can be a way of countering patriarchal oppression. I hope to engage in efficient community work as part of this six-month fellowship that I began working on this month. Though there are several problems I face while on the field, I am happy with the smooth manner in which I am progressing. My work requires me to multitask constantly—talking to people and participants, explaining the objective of my fellowship, generating awareness and curiosity in them regarding this.