Young Feminists Finding their 5th Space

It’s never too late to find yourself and never too early to explore.   ComMutiny – the Youth Collective organised a film screening at the Tech Center where films based on the principle of “fifth space” – an exploratory space where one undertakes a journey from self to society by making the other four spaces of family, friends, career/education and leisure count. 

Support a film on Early Marriage made by young girls!

Support a project will help adolescent girls from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society to use technology both as a tool and as a medium in helping them raise their voices and generate awareness on the issue of early marriage. Girls associated with our Technical Center would shoot and produce a film on early marriage that would highlight their daily struggles in countering this social menace. We need just $5000 for it for which we need your support! Donate to us and also help us secure a permanent place in Global Giving, a well known crowd funding platform.

Learning about feminism: through the eyes of young girls’

I enter the Tech Center with a lot of inhibitions. About twenty girls who have never seen me before eyeing me from top to bottom. I adjust my dupatta. Maybe they are judging if it matches with the rest of my attire. My colleague, Shivani, who is about to take a session on “Feminism” with these young girls has repeatedly assured me how beautiful and wonderful these girls are. But I have my own set of inhibitions. This is my first entry into a world of young girls coming from urban poor slums wanting to know about feminism and curious enough to come together and listen about it. I take out my notepad to make notes, if any.

Raveena's new life

The Tech centre here at FAT is a place where girls come and share their life’s stories with me. Of all the girls that have studied here, I would like to share the story of one girl in particular with you. Raveena, a 19 year old young woman, is studying Bachelors of Arts at Delhi University and lives in the slums of Jalvihar near Lajpat Nagar. She came to the tech center in April 2011 to learn computer skills. Since her family income was barely Rs.7000 a month she desperately needed a job, however, she was afraid to take one up because she was very shy and reserved.

- A blog post by Asha Tiwari, translated by Mansi Virmani. Both Asha and Mansi are Program Associates at FAT.

Tech Center - Is it a computer learning center for girls?

FAT as an organisation is committed towards creating a world where the access, use and application of technology is gender neutral, and FAT’s tech centre is a big leap in that direction. Tech center is a space where girls get an opportunity to explore, experiment  and use technology. We do not identify ourselves as a charitable institution or simply a computer centre or even a skill building organisation. We have never believed in the idea of creating cogs to be fitted into machines fit for the market.

The “Incredulous” Public-Private Divide

“Incredulous” was the word that came to my mind when I reached one of capital's most prominent private schools for data collection. The disparity between government schools and private schools in terms of facilities and resources was akin to being on two different planets at the same time.

Women in technology – “unmarketable product in marriage market?”

I moderated a panel discussion for an in-house ‘Women in Technology’ event in Bangalore this month.

The three women on the panel were an impressive lot — a former defence scientist, a renowned mathematician currently on the Prime Minister’s panel and a former-CEO-turned-entrepreneur.


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Will they get their right?

Girls from Lajpat Nagar are fighting for their right to clean and safe sanitation. We all read and debate a lot about issues relating to corruption, rising prices and unemployment. But do not realize that for few, having safe sanitation is a bigger problem than any other. Our girls tell that 700 houses in their settlement use 20 toilets. These toilets are cleaned once during the course of the day.

Apna Haq

"Apna Haq" means "Our Right". For a long time now, many of our tech center students have been contemplating.. about what they can do to get their right... to pee when they need to pee. When I heard the their narrations of how they have to plan their visit to the toilet, which is a community toilet that about 100 or more families share, I went silent for a moment. I had only heard of this reality of many urban slums from others, this was the first time a group of young girls, who suffer the most due to lack of proper sanitation, shared their daily routine with me.

रवीना की नयी ज़िन्दगी

टेक सेण्टर एक ऐसी जगह है जहाँ रोज़ किशोरियाँ आकर अपनी जिंदगी की कहानियाँ मुझसे बांटती है । इन सभी किशोरियों में से एक किशोरी की जिंदगी के कुछ पल में आपके साथ बांटना चाहती हूँ । रवीना उम्र 19 साल, B.A सेकंड ईयर की स्टूडेंट, जल विहार बस्ती की रहने वाली किशोरी।टेक सेण्टर 2011 अप्रैल से शुरू किया, 8 महीने लगातार कंप्यूटर सीखने के बाद, रवीना को फेट में काम करने के लिए चुना गया । रवीना के घर की आय 7000रूपये प्रति माह है । उसे काम की जरुरत थी , पर उसने इसके बावजूद फेट में काम करने से  मना कर दिया क्योंकि रवीना का सबसे बड़ा डर लोगों से बात करना और बस में सफ़र करना था । 

- आशा तिवारी द्वारा एक ब्लॉग पोस्ट